Polystyrene Services

Peterhead Boxes can mould polystyrene to order.

Polystyrene Box Scotland UK

Polystyrene Box Scotland UK

EPS is an exceptionally versatile packaging material. It can be moulded into any shape or size — as intricately delicate or as large and solid — as you require.

Designing polystyrene packaging

EPS boxes can be bought as standard items — you can choose from a selection of pre-produced sizes.

Or an Peterhead Box  can design an individual pack for your product. This is usually done for high-value items such as computers and ensures that you get optimum protection levels with no wasted material. Before a pack can be mass- produced, a sample will be produced, tested and refined and then a mould tool commissioned.

  • Tools
    A mould tool has to be produced by a toolmaker before you can be supplied with designed packs for shipping your products. Tools are usually made to fit the specific requirements of one item and, once produced, cannot be altered to fit another similar product. The tool itself is a high value article and can take between four to six weeks to make.
  • Design
    The first stage of the design process — before a tool is ordered — is to make a sample that can be tested on your product. A three-dimensional image and initial costs can often be emailed to you within 24 hours of your query. A CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine can be used to cut your sample out of a solid block; with total accuracy to the original design dimensions or an equally accurate sample can be hand cut.
  • Testing
    EPS packaging manufacturers can test the protective performance to ensure the product is protected against all typical eventualities in your distribution cycle. You can also send products to independent testing centres for more complicated testing processes such as temperature control during long journeys or for safety items such as car seats or
    bicycle helmets. Testing the pack to ensure it provides the required performance is an essential part of the development of an EPS packaging mould. It removes any uncertainty about the package before the tool is made and the manufacturer goes into mass production for you.

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