Polystyrene Boxes

Polystyrene Packaging is used for:

Polystyrene Packaging for Fish Scotland UK

Fresh Fish at the Market

Fish Packaging

Providing protection and insulation, Polystyrene boxes keep fish and seafood fresh during transit.

Fresh produce Packaging

Delicate fruits, vegetables and mushrooms are protected from bruising in Polystyrene boxes. The boxes insulate to maintain optimum freshness, are resistant to moisture and do not break apart in unfavourable conditions.

Cookers, Fridges, Dish/Washing  Machines Packaging

Electrical products are cost effectively protected by cleverly-designed, minimal Polystyrene packaging, often used in combination with other plastics. The result is improved warehouse handling, reduced returns and customer satisfaction when a product arrives at their home in perfect condition.

Computers & TV Packaging

Fragile, high value items are protected by EPS packs, not only from being dropped in transit, but also from damage whilst they are
stacked in the warehouse.


EPS moulds are individually designed to fill complex voids in floors, door and roof linings. This allows the designer to change the height and shape of the interior.


EPS protects against dust, damp and rough handling. It can be given anti-static coating to protect sensitive microchips.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Life-saving items such as vaccines and internal organs are kept safe and insulated when transported in EPS packs.

Horticulture Plants

Polystyrene  trays retain warmth, maintain an ambient temperature and are water resistant. And, their rigidity makes them easy to handle.

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